2018 Tesla Model X 75D, 36K KM ONLY - $94,900


2018 Tesla Model X 75D


-Dual Motor AWD
-Free Unlimited Premium Connectivity
-5 Passenger
-Uncorked Acceleration The uncorking was offered by Tesla as a no cost upgrade. Increased 0-60 performance on the X from 6.0 seconds to around 4.9 seconds. A big increase.

-Premium height adjustable air ride suspension, with auto trailer levelling and location based height settings
-Enhanced Autopilot Hardware
-Premium Upgrades Package
-20" Silver Slip Stream Wheels
-Towing package
-Full towing receiver and Hitch

Cream premium package ($4,300 option)
Pearl white paint (($2,300 option)
Carbon Fiber Decor ($400 option)
Smart air suspension

Ultra Hi Fi sound
Subzero weather package, heated steering wheel
Local car, No accidents


2018 特斯拉 Model X,才3万6公里!鸥翼门,带聪明自动调整减震,Uncorked升级后0-100公里6秒提升到4.9秒,Enhanced Autopilot Hardware,Premium Upgrades Package,拖车配置,Cream premium package ($4,300 option),Pearl white paint (($2,300 option),Carbon Fiber Decor ($400 option),Ultra Hi Fi sound ,Subzero weather package,才94,900!